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Tips For Keeping Your Modular Home Safe And Comfortable In Every Season

With every season, a modular home requires renewed attention and care. The mere thought of having so many tasks to perform may seem overwhelming. Hence, you require proper planning. Below is a list of tasks and the modular home parts and accessories that need your focus. Read on and increase the longevity and efficiency of your house.


1) Air filter cleaning is necessary

Spring is the time when there is high breeze. Since it is when pollination occurs, the pollen gets caught in the filter. The blockage will compromise the efficiency of the gadget and cause a rise in bills. You can clean the air filter with soap and water. However, if you have a disposable air filter then you should replace it every 30 days.

2) Check the smoke alarm

During summer, there is a high risk of items catching fire. Hence, you should check if the smoke alarm is still working properly. Many times, dust build-up makes the alarms over-sensitive resulting in giving out of false alarms. Therefore, you should clean them with compressed air, and then, test them for accuracy.

3) The air conditioner should be working properly

Until now, the air conditioner must have been in a non-functioning state. Therefore, it is likely that it needs overhauling. Often, the holes and grooves in the AC serve as dwellings for small animals. Therefore, before testing its performance, check for the presence of any living being in the interiors.

4) Is there enough fuel for the upcoming season?

Well, summer is not directly followed by winter. However, it is certainly followed by cooler weather during which you may need heating, occasionally. Hence, arrange for sufficient fuel in advance of running the heating appliances. It will save you from an uncomfortable wait for the fuel oil refill.

5) Install window screens

In the beginning of autumn, a visit to the window hardware store becomes necessary. You have to deal with shedding of leaves during this season. With window screens, the leaves will stay outside.


1) Remove blockage in gutters

Gutters are exposed areas onto which leaves, twigs and sometimes, dead animals drop and create a blockage. Such a huge concentration of materials causes piling up of ice. Cleaning gutters during this season will ensure that your house does not have to bear any damage to the roof during the upcoming winter.

2) Check the fencing

Metal and wooden fences are susceptible to rot during winter, as they encounter water and snow heavily. Hence, application of water resistant paint to both types of fences is mandatory. For the wooden fence, you may also require to apply sealant.

If you have a vinyl fence, you need to check for damage in its appearance only. Such fences are well known for their strength. Replace the fence if it looks dull, as the falling snow will make it look duller.

3) Repair the cracks and paint windows and doors

It is unlikely that your modular house would develop cracks. Nevertheless, you may find gaps in the walls or on the ceiling. Make sure that these gaps are filled up perfectly with caulk before winter sets in. Are the windows and the entry doors in poor shape? Check properly and paint them now, as painting in winter is impossible.

4) Check the pipes

Pipe leakages are dangerous because they will slowly expose the flowing water to harsh winter conditions. The water will turn into ice and may cause the pipes to burst. Hence, even minor water leaks should be tended to as soon as possible. If you experience a drop in the water pressure, know that leakage could be the cause.

5) Disconnect the hose from the garden water faucet

Drop in temperature will freeze any liquid that is present in the environment. The hose that is connected to the outdoor faucet will face damage due to frozen water. Therefore, you need to drain out the water from the hose, disconnect it, and keep it indoors safely.


1) Your furnace filter needs replacement every 60 days

Heating your house for maintaining a cozy environment inside is important. That is why keeping the furnace filter in good condition should be your topmost priority. Many times, inefficient filter forces you to keep the furnace running at a high capacity. Consequently, the utility bills reach sky high. Hence, replace the furnace filter on time and prevent draining of your funds.

2) Do not allow buildup of ice on the roof

Dangling icicles along the edge of the roof looks beautiful but their weight on the roof is dangerous. Hence, quick removal of fresh ice from the gutters and other areas of the roof are obligatory.

3) Secure the crawlspace

If you have a crawlspace then it will act as a safe haven for insects like critters and spiders. The presence of these insects is harmful for the foundation of the house. Therefore, you need to dehumidify the crawlspace for keeping these animals away. You may also consider enclosing the space for good, as it keeps the house warm.


1) Is your wooden floor and the siding level?

Winter causes a contraction in wood. With a rise in temperature, the materials expand. Because of it, your wooden floor and siding may show signs of disfigurement. Check both these items for unevenness, splits, and cracks.

2) Renovate your bathroom

Remodeling of other areas of your house is possible in other seasons. However, spring is the best time for having a bathroom renovation. You will find a variety of bathtubs that will suit your modular home.

Measuring your bathroom is the first step before purchasing any fixtures. It will help you choose the best-sized bathtub. You can choose either plastic or fiberglass bath, as both are lightweight and durable.

If you prefer showers, then too, you have a wide range of choices. You can select handheld or overhead shower. For an economical choice, go for the items that promise water conservation.

Bathroom drain covers are available mainly in two materials: plastic and metal. Plastic is cost effective but requires frequent replacement as it is not so durable. Metal, on the other hand, lasts for months.

3) Ventilation of your house should be proper

Low temperature causes the air to become heavier and to remain trapped inside the ventilation systems. With the rise in temperature outdoors, the denser air encourages the growth of fungi and mold. It further blocks air circulation. By checking the ventilation system, you can ensure that there is free movement of air.

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