Rain Barrel Options – for Water Conservation

As the owner of a modular home, properly installed and well-structured rain barrels are bound to save you money and water in the process. Generally, rain barrels are usually made from recycled gallon barrels with the bottom and top fitted with spigots. They also come with 5-foot hoses with some shutoff fittings. These vessels are usually filled using the mentioned hose and the collected water can be used for a variety of purposes such as watering your garden. There are numerous rain barrel options, types and sizes to choose from in the market. Before you install a rain barrel, your home should and must have a downspout and gutters. Here are some vital steps you should go through when doing a rain barrel installation.

Rain Barrel Installation Process

First, you start by connecting the rain barrels downspouts (universal) adapter to the tube at the end of the gutter’s downspout.

Ensure the barrel is placed on either cinder blocks or some other hard surface. It should stand about five or six inches tall and be level at the same time. This is important because a normal barrel can hold up to 55 gallons; with each gallon weighing around 8 pounds, making it quite heavy and prone to falls if not placed in a flat and even surface.

Go ahead and mark the downspout tube at the size you find appropriate, using a hacksaw cut it out. But make sure you leave at least six inches extra to allow some room for the tube to snugly fit inside the barrel.

Slowly, slide the rain barrel up into the downspout. If the barrel is not easy getting into the downspout, use a pair of pliers to crimp the edges of the downspout to create some space for the barrel.

It is also important to correctly direct the overflow hose towards a landscaping area or lawn so that any incidental run-off can happen harmlessly if required. It is worth noting that the water from a rain barrel is not safe for drinking and should only be used for watering plants or gardens for that matter. The screen fitted inside the barrel is usually used to prevent debris and insects from getting into the barrel.

Here are some examples of popular rain barrel options in the marketplace.

5 Best Rain Barrel

Embrace the response of nature to our growing lack of water-catch rainwater! The rain barrels will provide the precious water you need for your lawn and garden when drought sets in and rainfall low. Our original structure of the oak barrels is shaped into each barrel and does not rust, rot or face infestation with insects. The RTS Accents rain barrel has many innovative features including a flat back to fit flush against a wall, connectable to other rain barrels for improved efficiency, screen for keeping out contaminants and insects, and a hose hook shut-off valve with double overflow. It has a flat back which it uses to sit flush against a wall, it can also be linked to other barrels to increase the amount of water you collect. It is child safe and pet safe as it does not have any large openings with a screen that keeps out insects and debris. The barrel does not rust, rot or fade and is not prone to insect infestation.

2. Good Ideas Rain Barrel

It has a debris and bug screen to keep your water relatively safe, the 40-gallon capacity rain barrel is BPA free as it is made from ultraviolet resistant polyethylene, comes with a brass spigot and will not rot, mold or even rust. The barrel also comes overflow equipped, weighs around 19 pounds when empty and has a height of 31 inches and is 23 inches wide.

3. Planter Urn Rain Barrel – Terra Cotta

Elevate the look of your lawn or garden with the group’s stoneware rain barrel Urn! Built to blend versatility & elegance, this deluxe barrel exhibits premium creatively impressive design! This helps to reduce the reliance of your household on water from municipal supplies and the energy requirement for water purification for yd & gardening purposes is that. Save money and support the ecosystem by reducing your water bill with the stoneware Urn rain barrel rescue company Emsco! This rain barrel comes with a rain diverter system featuring a 36 “cable, a 48” key hose, a Barb pump, a ball cock featuring an on & -off downspout control, and two hose gaskets. It has a planter top that has an urn shape which gives it an ancient look bound to add on some beauty and elegance to the garden or home. It has a capacity of 54 gallons and is made from Polyethylene. The item includes an outlet spigot, a hose holder, and a debris screen a barrel funnel and a relatively long garden hose.

4. Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel

Designed to give you the classic look of ceramic with plastic’s simplicity and toughness, the Athena 80 gallon Rain Barrel is constructed of rotomolded plastic which can survive extreme shifts in temperature and does not melt, fade or crack. Included is a high-quality brass spigot which adds to this rain barrel’s beauty, as well as a shut-off nozzle and corrosion-proof glass protector. All Algreen rain barrels are equipped with two overflows that require multiple barrels to be connected or mounted with an Algreen Deluxe Diverter Set. The Athena 80 is compliant with the pressurized irrigation pump package Algreen Rain Tank.

5. Good Ideas Rain Wizard Barrel

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Most rain barrels on the market do not make good use of the water they carry because the spigot is only halfway up the tank. That is to fill containers, which left about a fifth of the water behind. And the residual water, which can be toxic, is standing. Barrels with optimally placed spigots do not require bucket room and leave as the drainage alternative just hoses. The rain Wizard 50 Urn stand fixes these issues by taking & backing off the ground the storm barrel Wizard 50 Urn air. The barrel-drain at a much faster pace, with increased elevation. Each filling tool may be conveniently put under the spigot without tilting or maneuvering it in the wrong direction. The rugged style stands up to weight & heat, withstanding fading, bulging, & bowing. Comes to mix & match the barrel in 4 exclusive colors.