Modular home shower units – tips for finding the right replacement

The best way to enhance the usability experience of your bathroom is to ensure that the shower unit is always up to par. However, when it’s time to check out the modular home shower units in the marketplace to find a replacement, there are many things that you should consider, before making a purchase.

Tips for Buying the Right Shower Unit

1) Measure Your Bathroom: The first step is to measure the size of your bathroom. Based on the size you are going to select your favorite shower unit. By taking the proper measurement of your bathroom, you can save yourself from the mistake of either buying a large or small shower unit.

2) Choose the Features: Keeping the size of your bathroom in mind starts deciding on the features that fit your needs and budget i.e. What type of shower unit you want, there are steam bath units if you want to install bathtubs, etc. Then you should decide on the color of the accessories of the shower unit. The composition you want. Choose between shower units having doors or the ones that have curtains. Think of any other specifics if you have in mind. The main thing is that you must be clear about what you want before you go shopping for the shower unit.

3) Shop for the Shower Unit: The best place to shop is the home improvement store near your house. You can actually see the shower unit before buying it, you can see how big it is, how are the looks of the shower unit, etc. This would help you in making a more informed decision. You can buy shower units online and the only benefit is that you would get a good discount.

Modular Home Shower Units:  Step by Step  Replacement Guide

(1) Prepare Bathroom: Drain out all the water from all the draining pipes and the tub. Stop the bathroom water supply. Let the bathroom dry.

2) Remove the Old Shower Unit: Remove all the screws and nails that were used to fix the existing shower unit. After it’s done, slowly drag the unit away from the wall keeping its bottom part stable. Remove all the fixtures like hot water connection pipe, cold water connection pipe, etc. Disassemble the whole unit, if it’s difficult to take it outside the bathroom in one piece. This would make it easier to carry out in a separate piece.

3) Assemble New Shower Unit: Unpack the unit and spread all the accessories properly. To avoid confusion mark all the fixtures with a pencil. Use the user manual and start assembling the shower unit. Connect all the fixtures in their designated places. Use thread tape for a better grip.

4. Fixing the Unit: Keep the shower unit on the floor and see that the flange is completely aligned to the wall studs. Check that the floor supports fit nicely. Now use hammer the nails and use the screws to fix the shower unit in that position.

5. Join Drain Connection: Next, you should assemble the connection to the drain. This connection should go to your wastewater drain.

6. Connect Water Supply: Next, you should connect the water supply to the respective pipes from the permanent plumbing.

7. Test Your Shower Unit: After restoring the water supply check for any leakage. Make sure the faucet still works. To block the leakage apply some sealant. If that doesn’t help, redo the complete connection. Check that the drain is properly working.