Keep the Energy Bills Down with the Right Modular Home Insulation Options

The right modular home insulation options are an economical and fast method of lowering your energy bills. In the event that your house insulation is of a low R-Value or is without any insulation, then R-19 insulation (resistance to heat) is a good option to start with because it does provide basic protection from outside heat gain or loss. To step up the energy efficiency of your home, you should choose insulation with higher R-value insulation as well as a spray radiant barrier that was available to increase comfort levels and reduce cooling and heating costs. This is because blown-in loose-fill insulation doesn’t really settle and therefore maintains the original energy-saving level for a much longer time.

The best option though is usually to go for R 49/60 insulation and combine the same with a radiant barrier foil which you can install on the underside of your roof. This works pretty well by simply blocking radiant heat and also keeping the house insulation more efficient and cooler as well. It should be noted though that insulation should be evenly placed, simply stuffing thicker insulation into smaller spaces doesn’t increase its R-value as a matter of fact, and it does reduce the R-value.

Here are some tried and tested modular home insulation options worth taking into consideration when shopping.

1. Ultra Touch R13 Denim Insulation

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Details: this insulation is manufactured from high quality, recycled textile fibers which contain some inherent qualities that provide for maximum thermal performance and extremely effective sound absorption. Because it does not contain chemical irritants, it does not require any warning labels and since it contains no fiber, it lacks the fiberglass itch and is therefore easy to work with. The inclusion of perforated batts does allow for easy and quick off-size cavity installation, all you need to do is the measure, then tear and fit it. With its R13 performance, it does meet the requirements for two feet by four feet wall construction. It does also improve energy efficiency by resisting heat transfer and significantly improving the run times of the installed HVAC system

2. Reflectix Double Reflective Home Insulation

Details: this insulation has over twenty energy-saving applications around the home such as the radiant floor, walls, and attic. The product has R values ranging from R 3.7 to R-21: this is usually dependent on the application. This 48-inch wide roll of double reflective insulation is not only easy to handle but is also easy to install. Because the insulation is fiber-free, there is no need for respirators or other protective garments during installation, as a matter of fact, the only tools you need are quite basic such as tape measure, safety glasses, stapler, straight edge, and a utility knife. Apart from inhibiting condensation, the insulation is also Class A fire rated.

3. Owens Corning Kraft-Faced Home Insulation

Details: soft to touch and with pre-cut widths to easily fit between joists and studs, this R-13 faced Batt insulation is easy to cut and install as well. The insulation delivers lots of comfort to the homeowner, helping home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, in the process, significantly reducing monthly cooling and heating costs due to its strong thermal insulation. This insulation helps control sound and is therefore ideal for use in bedrooms, family room, bathroom, kitchen and utility room. This insulation can also be combined with other insulation forms such as Foamular insulating sheathing so as to achieve greater R-Values, this is especially so for exterior wall applications. The product does measure 3.5 inches by 15 inches by 93 inches, with 11 such pieces in each bag.