Why Should Modular Home Energy Efficient Windows be Embraced?

Windows provide modular homes with ventilation, warmth, and light. However, they can also impact a home’s energy efficiency negatively. Presently, any energy-conscious homeowner desires to minimize heating and cooling costs in his or her home, and choosing the right type of windows is a vital step. Some factors to consider when selecting modular home energy efficient windows are glass, frame, installation, and design.

Some people know that a wood frame is not prone to heat than an aluminum one. However, this does not mean that wood is the best choice for any utility-bill-friendly window. There are various types available in the market and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The most common types found in the market include vinyl, aluminum, and wood-clad. They all have different affordable prices but purchased in similar places like The Home Depot or Pella Corporation.

Replacement modular home energy-efficient windows can also provide various benefits for all homes.

Modular Home Windows – Benefits

1) Saves Energy: These windows save energy by reducing temperature transfer between glass and air on each side.

2) Saves Money: whilst the cost may be greater up front, these types of windows save money by reducing costs across the board including furnishings and utilities.

3) Improves comfort: replacement energy efficient windows boost home comfort by lessening temperature fluctuations in the house. They also equal temperature differences that are closer to the windows, unlike traditional windows.

4) Reduces Condensation: Since there is less energy transfer around these types of windows, less mold and mildew growth is experienced. These windows also keep things quiet at home and protect all furnishings. The overall benefit of these windows is they look great. They lighten up the house and create an ambiance one would enjoy the whole day and evening.

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After one has chosen and bought energy-efficient windows, it is now time for installation. This is the most crucial part, as installing new windows depends on the type of old window, exterior cladding, and construction of the house. Nonetheless, below are few guidelines for the installation of a commonly constructed window.

Tools Needed

• Chisel or ice pick
• Utility knife
• Reciprocating saw
• Replacement window
• Drop cloths
• Level
• Pry bar
• Tape measure
• Caulking gun, shims, and caulk

Modular Home Energy Efficient Windows – Possible Installation Steps
The very first step is to determine the material and style one desires for the window. Secondly, one should measure the width and height of the existing window, from all sides, using the smallest measurements. Next, the inside stops of the old window should be removed carefully and then any old caulk or nails should be scratched and pulled out.

After all, this is done and the old window is completely removed, one should then run a bead of caulk alongside the inside edge of the replacement window together with the windowsill.

The window should later be placed back in the frame center, plumbed and then squared. (One may use a level to plumb and measure diagonally to check that it is square). After this is done, the window should then be shimmed to keep it in place.

Reinstalling the inside stops should be done next. This process is done using new 11/2 inch finishing nails, which should be set appropriately.

After that, one should caulk the area where the stops and the window frame meet.

When all the above is done, one should finalize by checking the outside of the installed window. The sloped frame should match the sill slope or the window should have an insert, which one can use to cover any gaps. If the insert is not there, one can cover the gap using a piece of wood. If the insert has seams that go against the window frame, one may caulk the seams.

Well, the whole process may seem long and time-consuming, but when all the steps are followed carefully, the time may be worth it. It is also good for one to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations before installing the replacement energy-efficient windows. This is because most of these types of windows come with recommendations to ensure safe and careful installation. As long as the appropriate steps are followed, the installation process of these energy-efficient windows is not a difficult task.