Modular Home Ceiling Options to Peruse for Homeowners


Ceilings in the 21st century are meant to do more than just to cover your roof-top from the inside. They are made to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. In fact, they should amplify the design elements of a room instead of suppressing them with poor creativity. Your modular home ceiling options could be from tiles or planks & metal style which feature the familiar suspended ceiling system. Your choices are vast.

So, why cover your ceiling in the first place? In many cases, modular homeowners are tempted to go with an uncovered ceiling in a bid to save money. However, this style of treating homes doesn’t add value to the home in question. Realize that a nicely layered ceiling will add continuity and style to a room. In addition to the visual appeal that a ceiling brings, you could also enjoy the convenience of covering your plumbing components, wiring, and other utilities so they are not exposed.

And while these things are concealed, a ceiling still allows for easy access when servicing is needed. In fact, some ceiling covering will also provide the benefit of noise reduction when they are made of acoustic materials. This tends to block outside noise that may prove to bother you when you live in a busy area. Lastly, the ceilings are very easy to maintain. When installing, you can either suspend them or attach them directly over drywall or joists.

Modular Home Ceiling Options To Consider:


Whether it’s a ceiling tile or a drop-ceiling panel, such coverings can be a great choice for any home. But there are also several other options which are quite affordable. So make sure you shop wisely to see what’s available for the price you’re willing to pay.

The materials used to make ceilings include metal, fiberglass, PVC, mineral fiber, and thermoplastic. You also have the choice of integrating lighting panels in your ceiling. Otherwise, you can still invest in a vast selection of fashion ceiling lighting. It depends on the kind of aesthetic appeal you’re looking for.

Also, keep in mind that the type of environment you intend to use a ceiling in will influence the kind of ceiling you buy. For instance, not all types of ceilings can stand the moisture level that is found in the bathroom area of your home. Because of this, you may want to invest in a separate ceiling that can handle moisture.

Drop ceiling or suspended ceiling: The drop ceiling style rests in a suspended grid-tied from the joists. Again, the nature of this ceiling grid system makes it easier to level the ceiling and also access any wiring or plumbing components that may be hidden above the ceiling.

Here, you also have the option of investing in textured tiles and metallic tones. Above all else, you also have the option to choose a wide variety of acoustic enhancements. When dealing with suspended ceiling systems, keep in mind that some of them require at least 3 inches clearance.


Ceiling panels/squares: Ceiling panels and squares are a great choice for kitchens, basement, or office spaces. They are not complex in nature, and installation comes out quite well when done professionally.

Ceiling tiles made of metal: These ceiling tile pieces mount quite easily, plus they are also very efficient to maintain. If you’re installing these in a kitchen or dining area, you can install coordinating backsplashes to sync with the rest of the room. They can be used on a suspended ceiling grid system or attached to the plywood.

Glue and staple-on ceiling tiles: You can find the most basic and complex designs of these ceilings. However, one thing is guaranteed. These tiles offer a low-cost way of putting up and maintaining a ceiling at home. They are easy to put up since you only need to attach them to an existing ceiling system and also do a great job in covering damaged drywall ceilings. As a result, it may save you the cost of replacing your entire ceiling.

Plank ceilings: And finally, we have plank ceilings that offer a variety of wood grain looks. These can also be attached to any existing ceiling surface you might be having.

NEOX LED Edge-lit Flat Panels are state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, 110 lm / w fittings. This drop ceiling Edge-lit panel measures only 1/2 “thick which makes it one of the slimmest panels on the market today. The certified panel UL and DLC Standard is highly reliable, with no dangerous materials, and maintenance-free.

Our LED panels are an excellent alternative for rising energy costs in industrial and domestic usage. They are seen most commonly in workplaces, schools, clinics, department shops, and airports. NEOX LED Edge-lit flat panels to have low energy usage, long service life, and a good even light that practically removes glare and shadows.


  • Color:Daylight (5000k).
  • Brand: Neox.
  • Size:2×2 Ft.
  • Weight:8.75 pounds.
  • Shape: Square.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Product Dimensions:23.75 x 23.75 x 0.37 inches.

2. Genesis Ceiling Tiles

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Genesis Smooth Pro Ceiling Tiles are made of waterproof, vinyl material which prevents many of the acoustic ceiling tiles problems. Our tiles are made of white cellular PVC and have a smooth surface which not only renders them waterproof but also washable and durable. Genesis tiles are produced from material not prone to water and moisture-induced safety hazards.

Such suspended ceiling tiles have a Category A Fire Score and are suitable for houses, basement floors, laundry rooms, industrial kitchens, food manufacturing plants, environmental and education buildings, aquatic installations, and high-humidity environments. The drop ceiling tiles are a perfect substitute to brittle and water-prone acoustic ceiling tiles or styrofoam ceiling tiles. Tiles measure 24×48 in. 10 Tiles per box; and each order comes with our 25-year warranty. For a shiny ceiling select Genesis and a better you.


  • Size Name:10 Pack.
  • Color: White.
  • Weight:4.71 pounds.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Shape: Rectangular.
  • Product Dimensions:23.5 x 47.5 x 0.19 inches.

3. Ceilume Ceiling Tiles

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Our Stratford ceiling tiles are made from our Feather-Light Collection 0.013 in. They are cost-effective, simple to use and by far our best-selling ceiling tiles. Thick acrylic glass, they’re unlike other ceiling tiles you’ll ever see or smell. You can be amazed by their low weight, but coupled with the intrinsic strength of the vinyl, their thermoformed nature renders these tiles solid, sturdy, and simple to mount and sustain.

Stratford ceiling tiles are ideal for use on any 1 “(aka 15/16”) basic T-bar ceiling drop board. Their flush shape makes them ideal for use with can lighting, and for use at the edge of your ceiling grid it allows them simple to cut to scale. Our 10-pack of tiles protects a drop ceiling of 40 square feet Pull out of your grid old mineral fiber ceiling tiles and instantly upgrades our Stratford! Using a pair of scissors or tin snips, hack tiles down to fit at ceiling edges.


  • Size:12 Tiles.
  • Color: White.
  • Weight:3.2 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions:24 x 24 x 0.75 inches.

4. Accord Ventilation Ceiling

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The accord ventilation drop ceiling diffuser for the Accord Ventilation is a fixed design diffuser with 3 cones. It is designed for large volume air diffusion at 360 °. The molded fiberglass insulation protects against humidity and condensation growth. The rib formed around a fixed 8-inch collar that is 2 “high makes connecting to an 8-inch flex duct a simple task.

Its large gauge steel guarantees excellent commodity efficiency through its robust consistency and industrial-grade strength. Attention to specifics such as transparent welding spots and seams produces a final product that is solid and appealing. Electro-coating and powder coating has outstanding performance, longevity, unparalleled tolerance to corrosion, and a seamless feel. Every component of this T-bar diffuser is checked individually until it is packed for consistency. Our lifetime exclusive includes all Alliance Ventilation assembled floor registers, fan, grate, and grilles.


  • Weight:7.3 pounds.
  • Size:24″ x 24″.
  • Color: White.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Pattern:3-cone.
  • Shape: Square.
  • Style:Residential/Commercial.
  • Product Dimensions:23.35 x 23.35 x 4.45 inches.

5. From Plain To Beautiful Ceiling Tile

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Gothic Reims Ceiling Tile From Simple To Beautiful In Hours range can be used for industrial or residential installations in antique copper finish and is to be fixed on most durable surfaces. The tiles come in PVC. The measurements are 23-3/4 in. x 23-3/4 Pregnancy width is 1/4 in.


  • Color: Antique Copper.
  • Weight:8 ounces.
  • Color: Antique Copper.
  • Finish: Antique copper.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Shape: Square.
  • Product Dimensions:23.75 x 23.75 x 0.4 inches.

6. White Styrofoam Decorative Ceiling Tile

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The ceiling tiles and panels are constructed of standardized extruded material manufactured from polystyrene. With this technology, a smooth and even surface area can be obtained. They’ll give you an incredibly enticing glimpse at your ceiling. The tiles are often extremely water-resistant, and their smooth surface allows them easy to clean with ordinary cleaners.

One can paint all the tiles. The tiles are approximately 20″x20 “and can easily be glued to any ceiling without prior preparation. Our ceiling tiles are made and shipped from European factories, which follow the highest quality requirements. They are a wonderful way to add elegance and sophistication to your house and are ideal for covering popcorn ceilings, hideous water stains, or just boring ceilings.

Items from Antique Ceilings Inc. can create a difference inside your house. Decorative Styrofoam Ceiling tiles measure 20×20 inches, simple to mount, paintable and can be painted over popcorn ceilings, drywall, plywood, sheetrock, stucco, knock-down, etc. Such tiles may also be painted quickly with any water-related paints, whether metallic or non-metallic. You may accomplish plaster or actual tin search for less and quicker depending on the finish.

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Turkish Eyes Demmex Widest Turkish Lamp Collection on Amazon. Handmade for US Use in Turkey. Turkish Moorish Chandelier Mosaic. .Height handmade in Turkey: Approx. 120cm(46) “1 Diameter of the globe: 12 cm (4.7”). The ancient metal frame of brass. Hard-Wiring Should. Happy for the US.


  • Color:7 X 4.7″ Globes (Hard-wired).
  • Brand: CopperBull.
  • Style: Art Deco.
  • Material: Glass.
  • Finish: Antique.

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We are firmly behind Our standard of excellence. When the fresh ceiling tiles aren’t liked, give them off and receive a complete refund. To get the true full image of the room, we suggest mounting them on the ceiling. It is challenging to assess and visualize a single tile at the completed ceiling. The rising command comprises 46 parts of self-adhesive ceiling panels (12 “x 12”).

Earn discounts as you buy bigger packs. For more colors and style check out our other listings. It can be broken up into several shipping sets. A simple upgrade to enhance your location’s atmosphere and vibe have never been so easy and cost-effective. Remodel your home and company quickly with this easy DIY, and increasing the value of your house.

We would claim this is the simplest ceiling on the market to build. No need to install expensive grids to the ceiling. Any requirement for qualified assistance. Remodeling the position quickly without costly repairs save time and energy. The above popcorn ceiling may need to be shaved first. Should surface not be clear, additional glue adhesive can be needed.


  • Color: White.
  • Material: Soft PE foam.
  • Style: Textured Faux Leather.
  • Dimension: 12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm).

9. FASÄDE Ceiling Tiles

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FASÄDE decorative vinyl backsplash panels are lightweight, compact, and simple to mount, producing glamorous and comfortable spaces in their homes except for the most beginner DIY-ers. These versatile panels come in many different finishes and can be cut easily to fit any area of size or shape, giving you the power to update any room.


  • Size:18″ x 24″ Panel.
  • Color: Brushed Nickel.
  • Product Dimensions:24.25 x 18.25 x 0.02 inches.

10. Armstrong Ceiling Tiles

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Fissured ceiling tiles with a longitudinal pattern and a tegular layer quickly cut and eliminate waste and time during installation; 2×2 ceiling tiles; 1-year warranty; free delivery. Acoustic ceiling tiles can mitigate ambient noise in a space and can avoid sound from spreading through spaces.

ASTM E84 fire-resistive class A; recycled material up to 41 percent. Drop ceiling panels mount in a regular 15/16 “ceiling grid. Armstrong ceiling tiles are individually prepared by the supplier to avoid product loss through direct shipping; 16 parts per cardboard; 64 sq.ft. ceiling cover; can also be identified as 705. In areas such as stock rooms, convenience shops, or service rooms, broken industrial ceiling tiles may be used; often ideal for a ceiling cellar.


  • Size:24in W x 24in L.
  • Color: White.
  • Style: FISSURED.
  • Finish: Painted White.
  • Material: Mineral Fiber.
  • Pattern: Tegular Edge.
  • Shape: Square.

Final thoughts:

Ceilings, in present times, are meant to do more than just to cover your roof, they are the style quotients that reflect your style. They are made to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home too. They shall amplify the design elements of a room instead of just suppressing them. You can opt the ceiling options right from tiles or planks & metal style which feature the familiar suspended ceiling system. This article deals briefly about the importance of ceiling tiles, panels and different types of ceiling options available for you to choose from. Hope this article helped you.