Modular home air conditioner units – some of the popular available

Generally, the choice of modular home air conditioner units will depend on a number of factors even for a modular home. These usually include the size of the area that needs cooling and the amount of heat generated inside that enclosed area amongst many other issues. Here are some of the most common air conditioning systems currently available in the market.

Five AC Types Plus Examples

1) Window AC Units

These are by far the most commonly used air conditioners for single rooms. They are usually fitted in a special slot made in the wall of the room or in a window sill. This conditioner usually has all its components such as the evaporator and cooling coil, compressor, expansion coil or valve, and the condenser enclosed in one box.

Product Name: Haier 6,000 BTU Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Product Details: This Energy Star qualified Air Conditioner can clean, cool, and dehumidify the air. It is also easy to operate with a digital time display, digital temperature control, on/off timer, and a removable filter. This unit can comfortably serve a room of anything between 100 to 300 square feet and has 3 cooling and fan speeds and also includes window extenders.

2) Central Air Conditioning Units

It is the conditioner of choice for large spaces or several small spaces that can be treated as one unit under the central air conditioning system. It usually has a very large compressor and can thus produce hundreds of tons of air conditioning at any given time.

Product Name: 3.5 Ton Goodman 13 SEER Air Conditioner

Product Details: This is an easy-access system that is well suited for residential applications. It does make use of the chlorine-free and environmentally friendly R-410 liquid refrigerant. With a high SEER efficiency rating, this central unit is bound to greatly reduce power overhead costs. It is specifically designed for clients who want high-efficiency cooling and an environmentally friendly performance. The parts of this unit are also covered in a limited 10-year parts warranty. It also does feature some very optimum sound levels.

3) Split AC units

In the basic meaning, a Split AC unit usually refers to the splitting of the equipment into two separate components: with one being used for outdoor components while the other is used for indoor components. A good example is having an air conditioner outside the yard and a furnace inside the mobile home.

Product Name: 1.5 Ton 13 Seer Goodman Air Conditioning System

Product Details: uses the environmentally friendly R-410 A refrigerant and prides itself in having a factory installed liquid line filter dryer with a high-efficiency scroll compressor. The unit also has a very attractive metal guard that protects the coil from any damage. It also has a powder paint finish which provides for improved UV protection and premium durability too. Can easily withstand hurricane type winds and comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty.

4) Ductless AC Unit

These are units that operate without the need for ductwork. They have really grown in popularity over the years as they have proven to be a good alternative to the traditional air conditioning units. They are best suited for small mobile homes or apartments which have been built without ducts.

Product Name: 12 K BTU LG 13 SEER LSU-HE High Wall Duct Free Standard Single-Zone Outdoor Unit

Product Details: have 4 fan speeds with auto sleep and restart mode. Offers an ultra-quiet operation and packs a plasma air purifying system. It also has a temperature display on the indoor unit, a manual power switch, and defrost control. It has a built-in low ambient standard which can be brought down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) Package AC Unit

A package unit usually implies that the cooling and heating system is usually self-contained and available in one outdoor unit. All those users whose ductwork does connect directly to their outdoor unit are considered as having a package unit. The cooled air is usually thrown by a very high capacity blower and flows through the ducts to the various connected rooms

Product Name: Rheem 13 SEER 2 Ton Heat Pump Self Contained Package Unit

Price: $ 2487.00

Product Details: This is a reliable unit that has been awarded a top rating for 7 consecutive years. It is self-contained and easy to install outdoor equipment. It is worth noting that with this product no indoor unit is required.