How to Winterize a Modular Home – Diy Steps

Most modular homes are not insulated, and because of this, they tend to be extremely cold during winter seasons. The process of how to winterize a modular home makes it warmer even though you’re not turning on any source of heat to supply the warmth needed. Do you think this is possible? Certainly yes, you can actually keep your modular home warm by doing a few things to it.

But first, what exactly does winterizing mean?

Anything that you do to ensure heat or air doesn’t escape your home is referred to as winterizing. This process is effective, especially where the cold temperatures of the winter season are making life unbearable inside the modular house.

Why Should You Winterize Anyway?

The benefits of winterizing your modular homes are many. Of course, the obvious reason why people do this is because they want to save on electricity bills. Secondly, this process saves you money that would have been used on repairs. And thirdly, it lets you extend the lifespan of your mobile home in the long run.

In fact, winterizing reduces both heating and cooling bills by at least 45%. So if you were paying $200 a month, you’ll pay $110 instead. The rest can go towards your savings.

So, if you own a modular home and you’d want to winterize it, this piece of information will help you do it right. You don’t have to call a professional to do it for you since these are do-it-yourself steps.

How to Winterize a Modular Home – 5 Steps

1) You need to seal any existing air leaks in your modular home

Air leaks take place through tiny spaces on the basement, doors, windows, attics, and even fireplaces. A fireplace is usually considered a high heat loss area. In order to prevent heat from escaping, ensure that the damper is closed when the fireplace is not in use.

Pipe and vents should also be sealed shut during the winter season. To do this, buy a product labeled spray foam insulation. These are available at your home improvement center, or even at your local hardware store. Use this product to fill in any holes, vents or openings around the house.


If you want to detect an area that lets air escape your home, just place your hands on the space. You’ll feel a draft, which is proof enough that air uses the space to escape.

2) Check Your Heating System

Inefficient heating systems will contribute to huge electricity bills at the end of the month. If you are not handy with these systems, enlist the help of a professional to do it for you. They will inspect it, replace oil or propane if need be. They will also replace filters if there’s a need to do so.

3) Buy Window Shrink Wrap Kit

Heat loss mostly takes place through tiny spaces around the windows. You may not suspect this until you install storm windows that have the capability to stop heat loss from taking place. Seal any drafts if they are present.

4) Water Pipes and Other Appliances

You are advised to wrap insulated blankets around your water pipes and heater. Most modular homes have their water heaters located on the access door of the home itself. This means they are far away from the heat of the modular home’s living area.

5) Sealing Seams of Your Metal Roof

If you have a metal roof, then you might want to seal the seams to ensure that air stays intact. Also, you are generally safer if you caulk around vents or even plumbing pipes that protrude on top of the roof.


You must slightly loosen all the tie-downs of your modular home to give room for ground heaving during the winter season. The ground may shift, and in the event that your mobile home’s tie-downs don’t have these allowances, you will damage your home.

If there is snow around the skirt of the home, get rid of it so as to allow proper ventilation of the furnace. Your water pipes should be correctly sealed with heat tapes. The reason being, if you overlap heat tapes, it may lead to a fire.

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2. OLMO Alpic Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

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3. SUPPLY GIANT for Heating Systems

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5. Indoor Window Insulator Kit

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  • Reduces electricity expenses and makes energy conservation.

6. Duck Extra Door Shrink Window kit

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The cold winter weather could bring the bill for home heating through the roof. Just a little quantity of insulation goes a long way. Take a chunk out of your electricity bill and use the Duck Window / Patio Door Package to make your house more energy effective. The package contains one 84 x 120-inch sheet of crystal clear plastic film and one 1/2-inch x 36-foot (432-inch) double-sided tape, adequate to separate 1 extra-wide win. When stuck onto the door or window cover, the crystal-clear film material shrinks to trap cracks and cold using a blow dryer. The indoor usage only on materials constructed of painted or varnished wood, aluminum, and vinyl. The film helps avoid drafts and heat loss to produce dramatic energy conservation improvements. Properly sealed houses will reduce heating prices by hundreds of dollars annually. This quick method is fast to use, economical and works wonders of warming up. Be smart at home, with the Duck Window Package.

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7. Frost King Mortite Caulking Cord

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8. Winterize Sprinkler Systems

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This winterize sprinkler system is adapter calls for easy installation of an air compressor for blowing out lawn sprinkler networks, pipes, faucets, sillcocks, hose bibbs, or spigots. The lightweight hose lets the adapter move into tight spaces and minimizes friction in the piping and mounting. One end of the adapter is fitted with a quick-connect connection, usually known as a 1/4 “Commercial Swap connection and is meant to be connected to most air compressors. The other end of the connector is fitted with a faucet/spigot/spout/spout connection for the female garden hose. If you do not currently have a garden faucet on your winterize sprinkler system, the winterization recommendations are given suggest the correct location for a garden faucet. It’s quick to weather up your Sprinkler system with this converter. We use only the finest quality and most durable parts to render this large end, outdoor luxury winterize. The water- and the oil-resistant, insta-grip cord is made in the USA. We use food-grade vegetable oil and the non-toxic plumber pipe dope in the building process.

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Door bottom and window seal is an anti-leak solution that can trap airflows and air leaks to conserve energy or resources. Your house should remain warm in winter and cool in summer. Solid, water-proof and non-degumming adhesive backrest, holds securely. Super adhesive ability of silicone seal strips is not compromised by their usual usage in rain or sunlight. The silicone weatherstripping will allow you to combat traffic, indoor clutter, water pollution, and high energy usage. The length of silicone adhesive weatherstripping is long enough to guarantee you’re using it regularly.


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11. Weather Stripping Silicone Seal Strip Door

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Final Words

There are lots of things involved in winterizing a modular home. After all, winterizing is all about sealing any existing loopholes that may contribute to heat loss inside and around the home. Anything you do to stop this leakage will save your energy bills by a large percentage.

Of course, you may need to buy a few items to help you winterize your modular home. You need insulation materials, cutting and stapling tools, tapes and so forth. These will cost you money, even though the initial cost is offset by the long term effects of winterizing your modular home. Read More