10 Must-Have Locking Doggy Doors for 2020

Owning a dog can be a really great thing. Most dogs are loving and loyal, they watch the house, are fun to play with, and are quite cute. However, there are downsides to being a pet owner because caring for an animal is a big responsibility that takes up a lot of time. Those who have installed doggy doors in their home find that these small entryways make life a lot easier. It means that the dog can go outside to use the bathroom all on their own. No one in the house has to stop what they’re doing and take the dog for a walk.

A doggy door is a small opening, usually located within a door or exterior wall of the house, that’s just big enough for dogs to get through. Once installed, pets are free to come and go as they choose.

For the sake of animal safety and to limit liability, it’s a good idea to have a complete fence around the yard of any home that has a pet door. Some hesitate to install one of these doors because of security and insulation concerns, but none of these issues is a problem if the right doggy door is chosen.

Doggy Doors – Types

The selection of pet doors to choose from is very broad. There are many options, such as color, size, material, and locking mechanism, available for each type of door. All of the doors fall into three main categories, including basic door and wall entry, electronic pet doors, and sliding door inserts.

Door and Wall Entry Doggy Doors

The basic door and wall entry pet door is not much more than a simple flap, usually made of plastic or aluminum. These doors make a great pick for those wanting a budget-friendly solution. It features a magnetic closure that helps keep the door secure.

Electronic Pet Doors

Those who want the maximum security and peace of mind while enjoying the freedom of having a doggy door installed can choose one of the electronic pet doors. These doors represent the higher end of the market, coming at a loftier price. Thanks to its RFID technology, allowing the door to open in response to a chip embedded in the dog’s collar.

Sliding Door Inserts for Pets

Those who have glass patio doors in their home may prefer to install a pet insert. These panels normally don’t come with all the fancy features and added security of electronic pet doors, but they are quite secure and can prove to be very convenient. A great thing about sliding door pet panels such as the Ideal “Fast Fit” Patio Pet Door”, is that most don’t require any tools for installation.

How to Install Doggy Dogs

Of course, each pet door comes with its own unique set of instructions for installation. As mentioned before, patio inserts don’t require tools. They just pop into place and are held securely by the sliding door and its frame. Other dog doors that must be installed in walls and doors do require tools. The tools most commonly needed for installation include:

• Jigsaw

• Drill

• Pliers

• Tape Measure

Installing the door is an easy four-step process.

1. Remove the door from the hinges, lay it flat, and mark the place where the door is to be installed. Be sure to measure carefully.

2. Using the jigsaw, cut out the marked area.

3. Place the door in the hole created and secure it into place using the provided screws and a drill.

4. Place the door back on its hinges.

While installing the door is fairly simple, there can be a few complications along the way that must be watched out for. It’s very important that the hole should be in the proper size. Moreover, the doggy dog must be big enough for the dog to pass through. For wooden doors that have raised panels, some pieces of wood may need to be used for creating a frame of added support. It’s also important to test the door once it is installed to make sure it opens and closes correctly and securely. Read More

1. SureFlap Locking Doggy Doors

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SureFlap Locking Doggy Doors is a microchip tracking door that allows only licensed dogs to reach the house or exit. Alternatively, you can configure the machine to work in different ways to let the dog out, let the dog in alone, or lock the door at different times of the day, helping you to customize the function to fit your pets and lifestyle.


  • One can configure every door to identify as many as 32 separate animals as possible.
  • Using SureFlap Tunnel Extenders for Wall-installation.
  • Flashing lights warn you when the C batteries require replacement.
  • It’s compliant with all big microchip configurations, in addition to the available collar sticker.

 2. Endura Flap Medium Wall Mount

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Our award-winning, energy-efficient pet-safe, single-flap dog doors hold winter cold or summer heat away; our double-flap door seals for the toughest conditions. Our award-winning energy-efficient pet-safe, single-flap dog doors keep out winter cold or summer heat; our double-flap door seals for harsh climates. Endura Flap’s door mount dog wall is equipped with three-sided adjustable power magnets designed to stay closed in high winds, guaranteed to be up to 50 mph. Sturdy Aluminium tunnel for exterior or interior walls up to 8 inches thick attaches our pet door frames made of heavy extruded metal and designed to last.

 3. Armor Flex Air Tight Locking Doggy Doors

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Concerned a dog door is letting the cold air in and raising your heating bill? The High Tech Pet Products Armor Flex Airtight Locking Doggy Doors features an interlocking section flap that works together to create an airtight seal that keeps out the rain. This aluminum frame door also has a security panel that locks, so unwanted criteria can’t get through at night or when you’re on vacation. The door comes in four measurements, and the wide 25.5x 14.88 inches measures. Reviewers love this airtight dog door to stay tight and secure, even during the coldest months. It’s ideal for either your home or a dog house and you can find the right one to match your pooch, with four styles to choose from.

4. BarksBar Plastic Locking Doggy Doors

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BarksBar Locking Doggy Doors is a pet door that helps you give your dog more space, without spending a fortune. It is designed to enable your pet to have better access to your home and yard and you can rely on this long-lasting tool, thanks to the quality components used in its construction. This machine has a telescopic base with magnetic closing and a light vinyl cover. During the night the self-locking panel may be slid down to prevent intruders or any canine excursions.


  • Aluminum-edged, thermoplastic frame is attractive, sturdy and ready for trouble-free use for years.
  • Provides adjustable, locking sliding panel to keep your dog from entering or exiting the home for the time being.
  • Medium, sturdy vinyl flap provides protection so that even when traveling at warp speed, the dog does not get harmed by the cover.
  • Includes easy to use deployment design to help you through the cutting process.

5. PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Dog Door

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PetSafe’s Freedom Sliding Glass Dog Door allows people to give their dog a chance to quickly enter and leave the house, which is easier to install than traditional dog doors. Simply place the panel in the track of your sliding door using the hardware included to fasten the door.


  • It comprises a series of magnetic flaps and locks for keeping the flap closed when required.
  • Cover contains weather sealing to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your house.
  • Door panel offered in two sizes that can be adjusted: 76 13/16′′ tall to 81′′.
  • Available in three colors: white, satin and bronze to match your home.
  • Available in several styles depending on your pet type.

The Ideal Pet Ruff-Weather Locking Doggy Doors is designed to provide excellent insulation while still allowing your dog to come and go whenever they wish. This unit focuses specifically on superior insulation which promises high energy efficiency. The Ideal Pet Door is a durable, high-quality product built to last, even if you are not living in a particularly extreme setting.
  • The construction of the rigid foam is sturdy, strong and reliable to ensure this door can withstand years of use.
  • Dual-panel configuration captures 3 inches of air to help divide the house and slash energy bills.
  • External frame telescoping suits most can door and there are available wall-kits.
  • A limited lifetime coverage gives further peace of mind.

7. Ideal Pet Modular Locking Doggy Doors

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The Ideal Pet Modular Locking Doggy Doors is a great option for owners who want to make it easier for their dog to come and go during the installation process without taking part in any major construction work. This door simply fits into existing sliding doors, with height-adjustable and a flap designed for fitting up to 90lbs of pets.


  • The modular design enables users to slide the door right onto the existing aluminum patio doorway.
  • Four different flap types are designed to suit individuals of varying sizes.

Perfect Pets All-Weather Dog Door is a simple, effective dog door that gives you much-deserved freedom. This system includes an air pocket between the unit’s double vinyl flaps, which helps prevent wild fluctuations in your home temperature. In addition to the double flaps, the package often comes with a rotating screen that can be lowered to hold the dog indoors in the evening.


  • The frame is made of plastic made from structural foam to ensure long product life.
  • It contains a rigid panel that moves into position if necessary to prevent the pets from reaching the room.
  • An additional wall package helps you to capture up to 9 inches of air to create a unique buffer at home.
  • This depends on double vinyl flaps for the insulation.

9. PetSafe Extreme Weather Locking Dog Doors

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PetSafe Extreme Weather Locking Dog Doors are designed to be one of the best-insulated dog doors on the market, using a 3-flap mechanism and boasting over 3 1⁄2 times the single-flap style insulation. Each device uses a manual snap-on closing screen to keep dogs out, but it does the job as well as other versions of programmable solutions.

  • Three-flap design including insulated center flap to help keep your home temperature from fluctuating.
  • The plastic frame is uncomfortable, which helps you match the paint in your home.
  • The magnetic lock prevents the flap from spinning openly while still opening conveniently enough for tiny, medium and large animals to accommodate most of the dogs.

The Dog Mate Medium Locking Pet Doors is a compact, elegant pet door designed to give the dog a simple way to enter or leave the house as they wish. This door is designed to perform the desired job, without including anything unnecessary that would inflate the price or make installation complicated. When opposed to some other deals it is fairly basic, it does the work.


  • It includes very robust locks to help avoid using the door for your pet if you don’t want it.
  • Attractive styling makes that door more attractive in most homes than many similar products.
  • The brush-secured flap helps avoid drafts, keeping bugs and water out.