Dog Cooling Mats: Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

The Dog Cooling Mats are specially purchased in the summer. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that your furry canine buddy has a convenient way to beat the heat. He might appear as playful and jovial as usual, jumping up and down in the heat but most of the time, he risks suffering from dehydration, heat stroke, and sunburn, just to mention a few of the common hazards of hot weather. Since you don’t want to restrict your pet’s play for possibly more than 250 days, it’s important to invest in cooling mats for dogs. From splashing them with cold water to investing in an insulated doghouse, here are a few dog cooling aids you want to know about.

dog cooling mats

1. Cooling Vests

Being a pet owner myself, I’ll tell you for sure that pups look funny in these ‘outfits’. Cooling vests are designed to cool your pet by wicking out the heat from your pet’s skin. However, you’ll want to play your cards right when out there shopping for a cooling vest for your dog. It is obvious that you’ll want something that fits comfortably on your dog’s body. In addition to size, color, and convenience, put your focus on quality when shopping for a dog cooling vest.

Some of the best dog swamp cooler vests are created using a lightweight garment that is wettable and sun-reflecting. The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler, which cools through evaporation, is a good example. There are also heavy-duty options that feature replaceable inserts. These are mostly designed for working dogs, which is why the military tends to prefer them.

As a matter of fact, some cooling vest variants come with rechargeable cooling inserts that are also removable, and replaceable. The RPCM Chilly Dog Cooling Vest is a good example of a cooling vest with such features. You only need to place the cooling pack in ice and water for 20 minutes to recharge it. After this, the vest will keep your best friend cool for more than two hours on a single charge.

Cooling vests are available in a wide variety of options that you can choose from based on your needs. These could be in terms of budget, size, style, and color.

2. Dog Cooling Mats

Cooling mats are increasingly becoming popular in the pet parenting world, along with cooling beds and bedding inserts. Needless to mention, it’s nearly becoming a trend amongst pet owners. The beauty of cooling mats is that they’re easily portable and quite versatile, not forgetting the immense comfort they provide. A cooling mat can also double up as a playing platform for your dog. He can change positions, roll, turn, twist, and switch into the best position to beat the heat. When buying one, invest in a large quality cooling mat that gives your dog enough space to do all this. Read More

Just like the cooling vests above, some cooling mats feature removable cooling inserts that are rechargeable. The K&H version, for instance, is a lightweight affordable option that uses the evaporation principle to keep your pet cool. Versions that require immersion in water are also available. The adorable versatility and portability of cooling mats make them perfect for dog-parent camping and wild adventures too. Simpler versions such as gel mats (filled with the gel inside) are also common and more affordable.

In summary, the most common cooling mats for dogs include:

• Mats with removable cooling inserts
• Rechargeable cooling mats
• Gel mats
• Water-cooled mats

Nonetheless, most of today’s cooling pads for dogs are flexible and feature sturdy construction. They are pet-safe and free from any toxic material that can harm your pet. Some of the best ones feature automatic cooling technology.

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3. Cool Breezes and Baths

You can also cool your dog during those hot days by simply circulating cool air. You can even invest in a fan system for your kennel. And in case you didn’t know, dogs are naturally good swimmers. Why not allow your pawed best friend to tag along when going swimming? Alternatively, you can also cool him down a bit by giving him a cool bath, especially if you’re out of options.