Best Decorative Door Hangings for Your Home

If you are creative and looking to decorate your home, to create a good impression for the guests who visit you, there are a lot of interior decorative accessories for your home such as wall hangings, door hangings, LED lights, Paintings, photo frames, and so on.

 What is a Door Hanging?

A door hanger is a plastic or cardboard sign, usually rectangular in shape, cut to hang from the handle or knob of a door. Sometimes they are used to distribute print advertising to residences. Door hangers are seen in hotels and other places as a means for guests to communicate with maintenance and housekeeping staff.

Why Door Hangings are Used?

The door hangings are most commonly used where do not disturb signs are used is in places of lodging, where guests can place these signs on the door in order to inform the staff, including housekeeping, to respect their privacy.

Nowadays they are also used in schools to let the staff members and students at the school know that testing is in progress in the particular classroom.

But in the modern creative world, door hangings are also used as a part of the decoration. They are used on front doors to welcome your guests and to create a good impression.

Door Hangings Design Tips and Tricks

The first thing guests observe when they come to your home is the front door, so having a little front door decoration will create a warm welcome, and let everyone know you have a creative style.

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You don’t have to work a lot to wow people as they walk up, you just need some nice front door decor ideas. Wreaths, special hardware, accents, and even decor surrounding your front door can totally transform your entryway, no matter its size.

If you love the idea of decorating the front door to impress your guests but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate a front door.

1. Decorative Address Plaque

Have some little space over the top of your front door, fill it with a stylish custom address plaque.
It will help your house of the front door to stand out from your neighbors and makes it unique and adds a little flourish. You can go with a traditional plaque-style board, or look for something more modern with clean lines.

2. Stylish Door Knocker

One of the most timeless front door decorating ornaments is the door knocker, and it is not used nearly enough. Doorbells may be more practical, but there’s nothing quite like the look of a knocker.
There are a variety of door knocker designs to choose from. You can go with a classic design or something more modern. There is also the option to have your name engraved or get something totally off the wall like an animal or something equally as unique.

3. Hanging Flower Basket

When you think creatively and comes to things to hang on your front door, a flower basket is one of your best choices. It is pretty, can be changed out regularly, and adds a beautiful look to your entry.
It is not at all required to put live flowers in it because keeping them fresh is too much work, because there are tons of gorgeous faux flowers out there that will be equally as impressive.

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4. Tall Welcoming Sign

If you have a front door that has a window or that doesn’t look right with something hanging on it, that doesn’t mean your front door has to look dull. You can keep a tall welcoming board to set your door apart and still give it some personality.

5. A Monogrammed Doormat

Doormats are another way of decorating your front door or creating a good impression for those you visit. If you live in an apartment, door decorations may be stunning, but doormats usually are not.
The doors in apartment complexes often look alike, choosing a monogrammed doormat will not only look nice but will also help visitors identify your space.

6. Seasonal Decor

It is not uncommon to see an entryway decked out during the winter holidays, but the seasonal decor needs not be limited to the month of December.

You can create a stylish, seasonal scene all year round with different plaques, doormats, and signs. You can use a basket of tulips for spring door decoration, make a flower bouquet out of pink and red flowers for Valentine’s Day, and frame the door with cobwebs for Halloween. This gives a unique look to your front door.

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7. Flanked by Planters

If there is a little space on either side of your door, you can create the grand entryway by flanking it with potted plants.
You can decorate your door with intricate small bushes on either side of it, but if that’s not your style you can use flowers, small trees, or even a vine plant that will grow up the wall to create a garden vibe.

Best Decorative Door Hangings

1. Vintage Metal Welcome Sign Hanging

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Vintage Metal Welcome Sign door hanging sunflower & watering can design is a front door hanging decorative piece. The welcome sign is handmade and hand-painted with care, these front door hangings decor is a vivid and bright decor hanging. The watering can design and sunflowers make it very attractive in spring and summer and is a very nice hanging outdoor welcome sign.

The sunflower welcome sign is a bright welcome to any visitors that come to your door and creates a good impression. This metal sunflower welcome sign can be seen easily from a distance and is also very attractive against a brick wall.

Metal sunflower decor door hanging comes with hanging wire, that works perfectly on the front door or wall, entrance, window sill, or over the bed. You can make your house and garden unique with this decor hanging.
Sunflower outdoor decor is made of metal, which makes it more durable, and no toxic.
It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, a great gift for your family or friends.

2. Welcome Wreaths Front Door Hanger

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TIMECOSY Welcome sign door decor with rustic color is suitable for any farmhouse doors, and can also be used for cafes, restaurants, offices, and even classrooms. This door hanging is thousands of the customer’s choice.
This welcome sign is made of real paulownia wood and handmade cute buffalo check ribbon bow plus 3D effect “Welcome”, it will not only just decorate your home with a rustic feel but also create a good first impression to welcome your guests.

TIMECOSY rustic sign decorative hanging is designed by Artisans and a lot of attention has been focused on the detailed designing of the welcome sign from the greenery to the bows of the wood.

3. YEASL Interchangeable Seasonal Welcome Sign

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The YEASL welcome door hanging is a rustic galvanized design and seasonal interchangeable hanging. It is perfect for holiday decor, Christmas, valentine’s day, easter, and few other occasions. The front porch welcome hanging weighs 0.5kg and is made of wood. This welcome sign for the front door, features 8 bright colored and charmingly detailed, interchangeable plaques for seasonal door hanging.

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You can add charm to your home by using this hang on your front porch or entryway to create a good impression. Celebrate the time of year decoratively with the interchangeable door hanging design by hanging it on your front door or wall. The thick hemp rope helps to hang the welcome board easily in front of the door, the rope is firmly fixed on the back of the hanging with the help of fixing parts.

4. E-view Owls Welcome Sign Wooden Hanging

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The E-view wooden welcome sign door decor comes with a piece of bendable wire, you could easily hang the decor anywhere with the help of a wire. The decorative wooden door hanging for the front door features three wood owls that are handpainted with vivid colors, brightening your garden look. It gives a cute and vintage look, matches very well with the country-style decor.

This wooden door hanging is perfect for the front door, garden, patio, front yard, entrance, and bars to greet guests in your own lovely way. This decor hanging can be the best gift for your relative’s or friend’s housewarming functions.

5. S.T.C. Home Sign for Wall Front Door

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S.T.C sign wall art “Bless This Home” is a wooden three-step door hanging. The three framed plaques are connected by jute cord and painted white. They can be used in the outdoor covered area for front door display or hanging on indoor kitchen walls, hallway, living room, balcony, and garage. It is a great gift to new homeowners, friends, daycare, or young families to showcase a heart-welcoming attitude and positive spirit to those who enter the premises.

6. Welcome Sign Wooden Hanging Sign

A welcome rustic front door hanging is a wood sign with a 3D letter design, burlap bow, and braided hanging. This can be used as front door decor, wall decor, front porch decor, or for a general greeting for guests. This is a 3D letter design, classic and traditional grid pattern with bowknots, artificial leaves, and flowers which makes it look cute and great.

 7. Bigtime Signs Home Sweet Home Sign

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This “home sweet home” wooden decorative hanging is a great quality sign for your home. It is made up of rigid, strong, durable commercial-grade PVC material that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It measures about 12″ wide and 9″ tall, this is a perfect touch for your front porch, living room, fireplace mantle, garage, deck, kitchen, bedroom, or office.

The rustic look, wooden texture, and welcoming fonts add a stylish touch to any atmosphere. The bright, vibrant printing is realistic wood texture and shadows with saturated black printing that gives high contrast. It has pre-drilled holes that help to hang your sign on a wall, door, or gate. The 5mm thick PVC can withstand various weather conditions, making them great for outdoor use.

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8. Rosemade Welcome Sign for Front door

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This Rosemade welcome design creates a warm ambiance on your front door. It has 6 interchangeable magnets so you can have a new look every season. This rustic door decoration piece will add charm to your entrance by greeting hello/welcome to your visitors.

Designs are Christmas Tree, Halloween Pumpkin, Valentine’s Day Heart, Fourth of July Flag, Summer Sunflower, and Winter Leaf. This interchangeable design sign set allows you to easily change out the magnets to welcome people for the different occasions in your house. Impress visitors to your house or your place of business with this beautiful welcome sign.

A rosemade welcome sign has a jute rope to easily hang it on your front door decorations or porch. The rope is strongly secured on the wood with the help of metal fixing. It features the word “Welcome” written in a beautiful and cursive font that was printed with silkscreen technology and will not fade under the sunlight. It has a fabric bow, flowers, and green leaves to complete the rustic look. The round sign was made of 100% paulownia wood. It will not break, will not crack, and will not bend.

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This wooden sweet home hanging design with a cute little house pattern printed, decorated with branches and flowers, helps you to complete your home decor while creating a strong family atmosphere. The rustic sweet home decor is made of high-quality wood material, that is safe and non-toxic, odorless and harmless, sturdy and resistant to break and corrode, not easy to fade, and it also has a good texture, durable and you can use it for a long time.

The sweet home pallet wood sign measures about 30 x 15.5 cm/ 11.8 x 6.1 inches, and 0.4 cm/ 0.16 inches of thickness, this size will not be too big or too small, enough to attract your attention. This wood welcome home sign can be hung on your wall, ceiling, window, door, and table, and the hanging sign will enhance and complete your holiday decorations, nice for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more.

10. Seasonal Welcome Door Sign Interchangeable

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This includes 14 pieces of seasonal hanging ornaments for matching different festivals and replacing by various seasons. These 14 small hanging ornaments are designed with different patterns, such as sun, love, flag, sunflower, heart, butterfly, turkey, pineapple, rabbit, egg, Christmas tree, snowman, and more. These diverse ornaments contain a magnet design, which makes it easy to attach these ornaments onto the door surface, just use them to change and match with corresponding season decorations.

Our seasonal welcome door sign and seasonal ornaments are made of wood material, with no odor, safe and durable to use, the smooth surface and classic colors will easily brighten up your home decoration. The round wood front door sign with hanging ornament is suitable for spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons, it is also applicable for most festivals, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and more. This interchangeable welcome door sign has designed with a burlap bow and printed with some warm words, which could not only welcome your guests and families, giving them a sense of being important but also can decorate your house, add a happy atmosphere.

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Bottom Line

Our suggestions above are what we found are the best decorative door hangings available on the market to decorate your front door, entrance, or gate. These are the best door hangings to buy at a lesser price range to decor your house, office, business areas, and so on.