Attic Ladder Options – Shopping Tips

A good attic ladder should adhere to both the homeowner’s budget and requirements as well as match with the style of the home. Attic ladders are mostly used to access the attic space. This is an unused space but it can be made an excellent storage area. They are easy to install and you can just do it by yourself. When purchased they come as a preassembled kit and you only need to take them out and install following the instructions. There are various attic ladder options available in the market and therefore it is upon you to select the best type.

Room placement

This is the place where you want to install it. You should consider the area under the ladder and also the area around it. Ensure that it will leave adequate space for your ladder to unfold and for you to get onto space. You should also consider the ease or difficulty of getting boxes and other items onto space. There should also be adequate space at the bottom where the ladder will rest and be unfolded. These factors must be considered keenly before you decide the place where you will put the ladder.

Ceiling placement

Most attic ladders are made in a way that they can fit between 24 inches on center framing. You may be forced to reframe the opening to make it well-fitting if you do not already have such type of attic floor. Mostly the attic ladder fits well but not in all cases. Framing should be done for the attic ladder to fit snugly. This will make the ladder to be usable and safe for you. One may consult a professional if you do not know how to frame it. Consulting a professional will make sure that the ladder has been installed correctly. Another thing to check on is the amount of the headroom which you shall have once you climb up into the ladder.

Length and weight

You are supposed to measure the distance from bottom to the ceiling where you want your ladder to reach. Different lengths of the ladders enable it to install the attic ladder anywhere you want at home. You also need to determine the weight rating for you to be safe on the ladder.

Consider the type

Attic ladders are available in various materials such as steel, aluminum, and wood. Most people prefer aluminum or wood ladders simply due to their durability and strength. These ladders also come in a range of types such as slide down the ladder and fold-down ladder. By carrying out your research as well as comparing the prices of various types, you shall be able to select the right attic ladder for you.

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Attic ladders can be a very good source of cooled and heated air loss in a home. You can stop this by simply applying some self-adhesive foam weather-stripping around the frame where the door is.

Additional Factors

Other factors you need to consider when selecting a type from the attic ladder options include the home décor. The modern loft-style homes mostly look best with attic ladders made of metal. The traditional houses with a classic appearance may be better when equipped with a wooden attic ladder. The other feature for consideration is the warranty given. As a homeowner, you should find out how long is the warranty. You also need to find out what is covered and what is not covered. This factor might be the last one to help you in making an informed decision when selecting an attic ladder.